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To our valued partners,

At John Hancock, we are committed to bringing you modern and efficient solutions that make it faster and easier to do business with us. Today, I am excited to share three new enhancements that help streamline the underwriting process — and provide your customers with a simplified experience.

1. Eliminating EKGs and treadmill stress tests at all ages and face amounts. Fewer requirements make the underwriting experience less invasive for your customers — and leads to faster turnaround times for you.

2. Leveraging electronic health records (EHRs) on cases that require traditional underwriting submitted via a digital eApplication platform. In many cases, EHRs provide a comprehensive snapshot of your customers health meaning the details provided can possibly be used in place of a paramedical exam, labs, and/or APS (if applicable).1

3.Offering Substandard (up to 200%) on cases ages 80 – 85.2
As experts in the older-age market, we are excited to be able to re-open our rated risk class for this population.

So on your next case, think John Hancock first. Our accessible team of underwriters are standing by, ready to help you arrive at the best-possible — and most streamlined — outcome for your clients.

Thank you, 
Neal Halder
Vice President & Chief Underwriter

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