Life Insurance Awareness Month starts tomorrow! 
Kick-start Life Insurance Awareness Month with these new social media posts, designed to help you reach more clients than ever in a year that is generating an increased interest in life insurance. In fact, 53% of Americans have expressed a heightened need for life insurance because of COVID-19. 1 By highlighting the importance of life insurance and addressing some of the common misconceptions, these posts can be a great gateway to your next sale. Keep in mind, more than half of Millennials (54%) and 44% of Gen Xers are likely to check an agent's or advisor's social media presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 2 — a clear signal that posting on these sites is key to reaching those markets.

So, make that first social media post on September 1 to get the life insurance conversation started. And turn to John Hancock for the product value, innovations and ease of doing business that today’s customers demand. Watch for more on these strengths — along with tools and resources that can help grow your sales — as Life Insurance Awareness Month continues.3 


Offering a proven strategy for stability

While markets have been volatile, John Hancock’s indexed UL portfolio continues to offer customer value, with the three most recent segment returns more than 5% — including hitting the cap rate in August, as seen here. 4


How will your clients pay for long-term care?

As your clients plan for a long and secure retirement, a key step is considering how they will pay for a long-term care event without putting the financial, emotional and physical burden of informal caregiving on their loved ones.

One way to help that planning is to share an estimate of the costs to expect.

John Hancock Vitality

John Hancock teams up with Amazon to bring Halo to John Hancock Vitality

In case you missed the news, last week we launched a strategic collaboration with Amazon and are the only life insurer to be a part of the launch of Amazon Halo — the latest in personal health technology. You’ll be hearing more about Halo and when it will be available to your clients soon.

Until then, please learn more about Amazon Halo here. We’ve compiled a producer FAQ to address some of your questions, as well as one to answer any client questions.

John Hancock Aspire®

Helping you sell John Hancock Aspire

Do you have a client living with diabetes? With more than 30 million Americans diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, chances are you do. 5 Make John Hancock the first carrier you think of when working with these clients, because we are the only carrier offering a life insurance solution specifically designed for them.

With John Hancock Aspire, your clients living with diabetes can earn up to 25% in premium savings and other rewards for the things they are doing every day to take care of their health.6 Visit our all-new, unlocked destination to learn more about Aspire, and complete the form to get connected with a member of our team to talk through your specific needs and questions.

Doing business with us

New email address for [email protected]

Effective tomorrow (September 1, 2020), [email protected] will change to [email protected]
  • Continue to send the same operational requests to [email protected] that you previously sent to Feedback, including case set-up inquiries, firm updates, technology questions, etc.
  • Expect the same prompt level of service that you’re accustomed to receiving — including a response to your inquiries within one business day.

John Hancock Vitality: Offering expertise, tools and resources to enhance your clients’ experience

In this episode of Hancock Talks, we’re talking to experts in the areas of nutrition, technology and virtual health to learn about the latest trends in overall personal health and wellness. Our featured guests, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Dean of Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, and Dr. Vindell Washington, CEO of Onduo, share their insights on these topics that are top-of-mind for so many.


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